Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deckyiling, Clement Town

Tsering Dorjee la, the President of the local chapter of NDPT organized an event for TNT la to meet with the Tibetans in Deckyiling.

(TNT la in Deckyiling)

It was very well attended and it was great to see that a lot of ex-CTA staff as well as Chitue Surpa attended the talk and a lot them spoke in support of TNT la and were extremely grateful that TNT la was running for the post of Kalon Tripa as they felt that TNT la was the best person for the post of Kalon Tripa.

(TNT la in Deckyiling)

It was encouraging to see that a lot of Tibetans especially those who have worked in our Tibetan Government in Exile support TNT la as they understand how our TGIE works and in my opinion are best suited to understand the needs of our Exile Government.

(Tibetans in Clement Town listening attentively to TNT la)

After a quick lunch on the way from Deckyiling to Clement town, we arrived in Clement town around 2pm. The regional TWA and the TYC had organized for TNT la to meet with the Tibetans in Clement Town. It was attended by the local Tibetans as well as monks from the Local Monasteries.

(TNT la with some local Supporters in Clement Town)

It seems that Tibetans everywhere are taking a keen interest in our Democratic process and questions range from the Middle way policy to the the present policies of our government on economic, education, social and political policy. TNT la answered all the questions to everyone's satisfaction and after the Q & A, we went back to the hotel to rest for the day as we had to leave for Poanta Sahib the next morning with two stops along the way.