Monday, January 24, 2011

Dimakpur and Kohima

On the insistence of the supporters of TNT la in Dimakpur and Kohima, TNT la was able to make a trip to Dimakpur and Kohima by squeezing in some of the other places. So, it turned out to be a very hectic schedule and personally I am amazed at his youthful energy. Let me tell you why shortly.

We left Dibrugarh around8:30pm and reached Dimakpur around 1:30am in the morning and were received at the station officially by the parents association and TNT supporters in Dimakpur.

After about 3 hours of sleep, we left Dimakpur around 5 in the morning for Kohima as they had arranged for TNT la to speak in Kohima at 9 in the morning.

(On the way to Kohima with TNT supporters)

It was great to see the support TNT la has in this region and also the individual effort undertaken by the supporters. Even though, they have so many problems of their own especially from the underground.

(TNT la at Kohima)

The Tibetans in Nagaland face problems from the Underground organization to whom they have to pay taxes as well as from the government about the legality of them staying in Nagaland but what they cared most was about how important the Kalon Tripa post was and also about the status of our exile government.

It was great to find out that even though, they don't have a Tibetan school but the parents have pooled together their resources and hired a teacher to teach Tibetan to their kids each day after school. They shared their problems with TNT la as a part of their daily life but their request to TNT la was not about solving their problems but much more about what TNT la can do for the Tibetans in Exile as well as Tibetans inside Tibet.

After a really quick lunch, we left Kohima for Dimakpur where TNT la was scheduled to talk with the Tibetans in Dimakpur at 2:30pm. After a 5 hour drive to Dibrugarh from Miao and a 3 hour sleep, I was finding it extremely hard to keep up and what amazed me was the fact that TNT la was still looking fresh where as I couldn’t keep my eyes open during the drive from Dimakpur to Kohima and back.

(TNT la introduced by the president of the Dimakpur Parents Association)

(Tibetans in Dimakpur)

Even though, the population in Kohima and Dimakpur is not as much as some other areas but it was as if atleast one person from each family came to the meeting and the support shown to TNT la for the work that he has done for Tibet was amazing.

One of the key supporters in Dimakpur, Jampa la, an ex-NDPT board member jokingly told us that the arrangements that they had made for TNT la was exactly the same as for Professor Samdong Rinpoche la as one is the present Kalon Tripa and the other will be the next Kalon Tripa.

An interesting question was asked by a Tibetan in Dimakpur not to TNT la but to the audience. Have a look.

After meeting with local Tibetan in Dimakpur, we were able to get some much needed rest for the next part of our journey.